Create a good Google ad campaign that works!

Being a Google Partner Agency means that we had to pass a large number of tests to understand the Google adwords system to a very throughout degree.

That means we are certified by Google to manage AdWords campaigns including specialized AdWords areas including Search Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Shopping, Video & Display Advertising and that we deliver significant enough performance to remain part of the program.

It should be noted that Google is constantly tinkering not just with their search algorithm but with their adwords system as well in an effort to sell more ads. That means things change pretty rapidly so much that I have found their own tier 1 support is usually pretty far behind the curve on the systems knowledge.

We know how to set up your campaign so its not wasting dollars on irrelevant keywords that bring nothing to your business. The basic adwords setup will send you more irrelevant results than relevant.

Scheduling, is also important to a efficient campaign. Dos your business convert more when you are in and open? Don’t run adds when you are not open!

Location targeting is another important factors. If you are in Memphis you probably don’t want calls from New York unless your customer base includes people in New York