Every medical professional is sick and tired of Dr. Google. People just can’t help it they are going to search out for information on their symptoms and even though we supposedly know not to trust the information online we do. This often leads to people being absolutely certain they have one thing when in reality they have something else. Right now a little over 1% (millions) of all google searches are symptom related.

What if you could make Dr. Google work for your practice? Instead of patients coming into the office with information they got from a poor source, your practice benefits if it becomes the source of information in your area.

Once that happens your patients will come in educated by you instead of someone else. They might still also look at the others but you will have a authoritative voice instead of just having to constantly battle Dr. Google. By ranking your site at the top people will automatically see you as the authority in your field and read your content. This brings in new patients and helps retain existing patients.

Do you know the lifetime value of a single patient to your practice?

That alone should get you to pick up the phone and call us today.

We have a lot of experience with healthcare marketing. It is important for new patients who are finding you to understanding that you are a leader in your field. Our team is made up of experts with a passion for their fields including technical SEO, digital marketing, social media marketing, conversion optimization, content marketing and more.

If you are not showing up for the terms that your patients and future patients are searching, including searches where they look for practitioners who take the insurances that you accept then you are missing out and its time to change.