Your online reputation is important,

It is way too easy for some crackpot to just post anything they want online to make you look like a monster.

We have found that there are a few issues that come up over and over again and by heading them off  at the pass you avoid the negative reviews in the first place. For example I have a client that was getting these negative reviews that said the time in waiting room was too long, the doctors bedside manor is terrible etc… in reality they were forgetting to ask if the people needed a doctors note or if they wanted their parking validated. After finding that out their negative reviews dropped to zero.

If when someone searches the name of your business you get Google suggested searches that are harmful to your company you need to deal with those right now. You have no idea how many people are seeing that and just not even visiting your site. These suggested searches take some time to get solved so you need to act right away.