Video marketing can be very effective, when done right it will grab the peoples attention and drive additional traffic and business to you. People have short attention spans for reading but will watch a video. Even that though is fraught with peril. So many videos waste time at the start with pointless filler. If you do a video get right to it. You have a very short window to get the people to stick around. It is also important to have Facebook and Instagram friendly short videos to entice them to watch the longer one. On a recent Q & A Session a movie trailer editor he admitted that while social media had an impact on why those terrible trailer before the trailers now exist the other thing is data. If they show a title card and the studio logo the viewing dropped off by 75% people lost interest that fast. But if they do a flashy three second intro and then get straight to the point they have a 300% increase in retention. While I do not suggest you go as far as the movie trailers it is vital to get to the point do not spend large amount of lead up.

There is a popular form of video sales that does the exact opposite of this, they are looking for the people who will site through this incredibly long video that never reveals anything at all to weaken their sales resistance. They have a massive drop off in traffic at various points in the video but they do not care its a sales tactic because what they are selling just can not be sold with a traditional presentation.

Showing off your products or services with video has a great value. Talk to us about our video production abilities and how we can help optimize your videos so that they bring in even more traffic.